People with Disabilities (PWD's)

Test - Treat - Train - Track

Test - Treat - Train - Track


The pilot project will conduct an HIV stratified, non-random sampling of 1,000 …
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All PWD's testing positive for HIV will receive immediate counselling and enrollment in …
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All clients will be trained in appropriate sexual awareness, setting boundaries of …
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Empower clients to communicate with one another, building a collective voice to address …
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The Team

Hellen Chanda, Co-Founder

Based in Kitwe, Zambia, Miss Chanda has been testing, counselling and overseeing HIV services since 2017. "It occurred to me one day, that in all my years of testing people for HIV, I had rarely tested disabled people. Why? Because they rarely leave the ...

John Connelly, Co-Founder

Based near Atlanta, GA with his wife, John and Janice have spent 28 years living and working throughout Africa. John has led 8 country offices in sectors of HIV, Ebola, shelter and food security. He was Team Lead in South Africa's Ebola response to ...

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